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Sunday, January 01, 2012

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David Drummond

704 Tahoka Rd.


Please contact me directly via this form if you have exhausted all other support channels and feel your problem is still not resolved.

For general sales, support, etc, for us to best assist you, please use one of the other contacts first.

NOTE: To keep our prices down, we don't normally handle most things by telephone. Call centers and people to staff them are very costly and will drive the end costs (and prices) WAY up. We also feel that most support issues can be handled in a more effective and detailed manner much easier via our forums and support tickets than over a telephone. Also, our support ticket system allows us both to have a "paper trail" of support issues in case either us or you need to look back at an issue.

However, if an issue arises that we feel needs to be handled over the telephone, you will be able to send us a number to reach you at, and we can call you back. (In the Continental U.S. only.) I wouldn't think of making the customer pay for the call in that situation. Emails and support tickets are always handled as promptly as we can get to them. We won't leave you hanging when you need support or have an issue with your account!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don't send emails to my personal email address if you have it or private messages to my names on any hobby forums I might be a member of. I like to keep my work and recreational activities separate. :)